Support for 74C595A Serial to Parallel Register

  • This is from GitHub issue

    I was wondering if you could add support for the 74HC595A Serial Shift Register.

    I currently use these chips to expand the number of outputs available.
    Normally only need to use Data/Latch/Clock, but Output Enable also useful to make sure all outputs off when first powered on and setup.

  • @kabongsteve It's OK! working perfectly is better. I was wondering why there are difference.

    I deployed obniz.js 1.7.1
    It include new wired property "enabled". you can opt out final this.io_oe.output(false) with supplying enabled:false. See more detail on document.

    if (!this.io_oe && enable == false) is to show more user friendly error message.
    Without this, It will throw error because io_oe doesn't exist.
    But the error message is not friendly.
    So I'm manually handling it.

    Thank you.

  • thanks,

    My comment on Jul 8th stated that I had gotten it working, and had some other suggestions.

    But basically its completed and can be closed

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