Can obniz used in Wi-Fi roaming environment?

  • In our organization, we have set up multiple Wi-Fi access points with the same SSID name, same password, and we are in an environment where roaming is available.
    In this roaming environment, there are places where you can see multiple access points from one place.
    In that case, obniz can not connect anywhere and can not be used.
    Is there someone in the same situation?

  • @Ugawa-Yoshihiro Thank you for sharing your situation. obniz should work with roaming environment. But we never expected same SSID and same password environment.
    We will investigate.

  • Hi I am from Indonesia. I was in Japan for student exchange in September, and I bought Obniz for my college research back here in Indonesia. And I feel like it is harder to connect to the cloud here than when I was in Japan. Its like the connection is unreliable. And I already have tried this in many wifi spots, so I guess its not the internet that causes the problem. Apparently my Indonesian friend that bought obniz too find the same problem with me. So i kinda confuse about this because i need my research to be done but i cant if the obniz is hard to operate. I dont know where else to ask because Indonesian doesnt have many knowledge about Obniz because we dont have one here. Can you explain it to me why it happened? Can you fix this? Thank you so much.

  • @Nadiya-Sekar-Ayu Hello.

    Sorry for inconvenience.
    Could you tell me how unstable?
    Is obniz continuing connect->connected->disconnected->connect??
    Is something error displayed on your obniz display?

    Kindly, check it please.
    Thank you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Yuki-Sato

    this shows in the log whenever it gets disconnected

  • @Yuki-Sato it is hard to make it connected tho. once it is connected, the next 5 seconds it'll be disconnected.

  • @Nadiya-Sekar-Ayu-0

    Could you try local_connect:false option? ( https://obniz.io/doc/sdk/doc/connection )

    It can be used like below

    var obniz = new Obniz("XXXX-XXXX", { local_connect: false })

    If it didn't work, could you send me a all log?

    By setting obniz.debugprint = true, all internal log will be printed

    var obniz = new Obniz("XXXX-XXXX", { local_connect: false })
    obniz.debugprint = true;
    obniz.onconnect = ,,,,,,,,

    Best Regards,

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