Unstable Sensor Readings

  • When I use a potentiometer or joystick in the examples I get constant updates from the onchange function with a large variation in readings. I have tried multiple power supplies, pins, parts.

    I ran the diagnostics and they found no errors.

    The only stable reading is at 0 for Potentiometer, and 180,-180 on the joystick.

    I assume this is not the expected behavior, any suggestions.


  • @Ron-Suciu

    Thank you for contacting.

    First series of obniz has large a/d error compared from other computer boards.
    If you had first series, then making vcc stable will improve a/d error like below.

    And how large is it?
    Callback function will be called every change including tiny changes. So normally it is called continuously because of a/d error.

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  • I have a Kickstarter version.
    A potentiometer varies from 78-99 (reading multiplied by 180).
    What capacitor size should I use (can't see in picture)?

  • @Ron-Suciu

    Hello Backer!!!
    Thank you for using!

    Probably adding capacitor will reduce your error.
    100uF is enough for stabilizing result.

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