Device id obniz online used for testing

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    Currently I don't have an actual device, so when I create one on Developer's Console, the device cannot be online. In this case how can I check the data returned from obniz? (I use javascript to connect to obniz).
    Please help me have a sample data returned from obniz device. Thank you very much

    現在、実際のデバイスを持っていないため、Developer's Consoleでデバイスを作成すると、デバイスをオンラインにすることができません。 この場合、obnizから返されたデータを確認するにはどうすればよいですか? (私はjavascriptを使用してobnizに接続します)。

  • Can I answer your problem.
    I can make a mistake.

    obniz and obniz OS are used in Hardware such as obniz and M5Stick.
    They get input data like temperature and distance etc.
    Or they can make output data like motor and display etc run.
    So obniz OS is build on any hardware.
    If you want it to be online and move, you should get any.
    This is on the page
    Thank you.

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