obniz with rplidar

  • I succeeded in following this advice.

    But I want to do mapping using RPLIDAR with obniz. Is it possible?

    Something like this

    Thank you

  • The simple answer is yes you can. 😸
    But it is not easy.

    There is a question of implementation. In the example for obniz, the program simply gets the remoteness values ​​of the reflection dots.
    First, it is necessary to save the values of the obtained dots, which would later determine the contours for the map. That can be a lot of information, so the task should be given to the server/desktop application. Obniz serves only as a channel for receiving data from the lidar and transferring it to the application that builds the map. But in order to accomplish this task, you need to relocate the lidar for making room contours.
    When you move a lidar you need to determine the direction in which it was moved and the distance. In this way, you can link lidar measurements at points A and B, and so on. To do this, use different sensors.
    In the first video that you cited as an example, it is noticeable distortion occurs on the curves. This must be taken into account and compensated.
    Perhaps there is a ready-made application where you can simply transfer lidar data and coordinates. Need to search.
    But this is a very difficult and interesting task anyway. I hope you will succeed and my answer helped you a little.

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