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  • Hi!
    I'm new here, I started using Obniz only in the last few weeks and it's very funny.
    I made my obniz to control the light and AC in the room, like the example, I would like to know if there's a way to have the code (like html page) always running on the board and then access to that page to control the house by pressing buttons or automatically (for example when the temperature goes down automatically start the AC).

    Thank you!

  • Hi @Alessandro-Arcidiacono ,

    I think you made html on our cloud page.
    It run during only open by your pc or smartphone's browser.

    How frequency you want to control them?

    If you want to less than 120 times /day (= once per 12 minutes), you can use obniz event.
    It run your html program.
    For example check your room's temperature and control AC per 12 minutes.


    If you want to over than 120 times /day, you can use obniz with node.js on server what you want to use, like aws ec2, heroku.
    The node.js keep connection to the obniz, correct data timely, check and control them.


  • Great, thank you for the hints!
    I will update my solution, maybe can be helpful for the forum.

    One more thing: Is possible to run some simple code (like a clock on the small screen) without an internet connection?

  • Hi @Alessandro-Arcidiacono

    No, obniz run only during connecting to internet.
    It need wifi to connect internet.

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